SESSION 5 | The Impact of ISO 37001: Will Certification Change the Bribery Environment for the Better?

Having just been published in late 2016, the impact that ISO 37001 will have on companies seeking more prescriptive measures to manage anti-bribery programs remains to be seen. What will it take to implement the standard’s requirements? How might this achieve a clearer path to incorporating best practices, especially for global companies doing business in both the US and Latin America? While regulators have yet to thoroughly weigh in on the new standard, companies need to consider the future of anti-bribery management and how they stack up now. This session will take a closer examination of ISO 37001 and address the emerging considerations companies must carefully weigh now.

Worth D. MacMurray, Principal, Governance & Compliance Initiatives, LLC

Leslie Benton, Vice President, Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement,
Judd Hesselroth, ‎Director, Office of Legal Compliance, Microsoft Corporation
Jay Martin, Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer and Senior Deputy General Counsel, Baker Hughes

Bayview Ballroom